"Some see things the way they are and ask, "Why?" I dream things that never were, and ask "Why not?""  -- George Bernard Shaw

Dear Parents, Students and Community:

Welcome to the Liberty Elementary School District where you can expect a WORLD class education for your child. Each Liberty school offers a dynamic and innovative education designed to meet the needs of every student. We view education as a partnership between students, their families and the school. You play an important role in helping your child reach their potential.

We have recently completed our new strategic plan that will lead us forward as we strive to serve our community and provide the best education possible for every student. There are so many wonderful things happening as we continue our mission:

 The Liberty Elementary School District is Committed to
Creating a World Class Education for Each and Every Student,
Regardless of Their Circumstance.

 When we started our journey of innovation and signature programs four years ago, who would have imagined where we are now. We are proud to launch our brand new school in August, Las Brisas Academy. We have vibrant programs that are having a tremendous impact at all six of our schools. Innovations include two Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) schools, an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, an Agricultural Sciences school, a Covey Leader in Me school, A Visual and Performing Arts school,  High School Honors Algebra I course in 8th grade at every school,  High School Geometry, continued low class size, state of the art band and music sponsored through a VH1 grant at all schools, extensive before and after school activities including athletics, and technology-rich classrooms. We have clean, energy-efficient and well maintained buildings and playgrounds. We safely transport thousands of students to and from school every day and our students enjoy appetizing and healthy meals in our cafeterias. WORLD Class also means Liberty is the home of an exceptional teaching staff. We hire and retain the best teachers while continuing to invest in professional development to deliver on our commitment to a WORLD class education for your child.  What an exciting time!

Within the Liberty Elementary School District, we are committed to providing a safe and caring environment for all staff and students. We take the responsibility to set high standards for behavior. So that expectations for behavior are clear and consistent, we implemented a research-based program called Safe and Civil Schools. We educate students on behavior expectations, schools rules, safety procedures and student rights and responsibilities. This handbook is an important tool for parents, students and staff to ensure a safe and orderly campus climate. It is essential that our parents and community members partner with us to make this commitment a reality by upholding the rules, being involved in our schools, and supporting our district as we grow and change.

Ensuring your child’s success is the most important part of what we do every day. As a member of our school community, you are a valued partner in every child’s success. We hope that you and your family will take the time to read through this handbook and have meaningful conversations about your hopes, dreams and expectations for academic success. Our staff will work diligently to provide your child with a high quality, WORLD class education. We look forward to this partnership with you and your child.

Let’s work together to continue to build WORLD Class schools in the Liberty Elementary School District.


Andrew L Rogers, Ed.D