Get the Facts

The Liberty Get the Facts page is dedicated to providing factual information in response to rumors/questions regarding district issues.  The page will be updated as needed throughout the school year to provide the Liberty community with factual information about Liberty's endeavors.  For questions related to the Liberty Get the Facts, please click here

RUMOR/QUESTION - What is the status of the construction project at Estrella Mountain Elementary? Who were the protesters and what are they protesting? 

FACTUAL INFORMATION - The protesters have been at various job sites throughout the valley. They are protesting the painting subcontractor over safety concerns at their previous jobs. According to the painting subcontractor these are paid protesters who represent a California-based union and they are attempting to unionize the workforce of the painting company. 

The weatherization work being completed at Estrella Mountain Elementary is not being paid for with bond funds. The project funding was awarded to the district by the  Arizona School Facilities Board (SFB). The state is allocating over $910,500.00 for this project.  The district is contributing a small portion of funds to cover parts of the project that the state funds do not cover. The state school facilities board funded the weatherization last year at Rainbow Valley and has completed preliminary approval for weatherization projects at Freedom and Westar. 
The district hires the general contractor, who in turn hires the sub-contractors such as the painting contractor.  The contract was awarded based on the Request for Proposal (RFP) and the procurement process  These processes spell out the scope of work and the general contractor works within those parameters. 
The entire process from start to finish is done in compliance with all applicable laws. The state School Facilities Board conducts their meetings in public and their meeting minutes are a public record. The procurement done at the district is handled under procurement law and taken to the Governing Board for approval. There was a challenge to the original award of the RFP and in an abundance of caution we completed a second RFP process. The Governing Board subsequently approve the project.

RUMOR/QUESTION - October 11, 2017 - Is Mr. Bogart no longer the Westar principal? Will he be back on Monday?

FACTUAL INFORMATION - Mr. Bogart is still the Westar principal and we anticipate him being at work on Monday after Fall Break.

RUMOR/QUESTION - October 11, 2017 - Is the district going to appeal any of the letter grades that were recently released?

FACTUAL INFORMATION - No. After careful review of the information that was released to the district, we did not find any discrepancies that would warrant an appeal. The letter grades are preliminary at this point and the state board of education has indicated that there may be further modifications and potential changes to the letter grades before they are finalized.