Community Flyers

Community Flyers

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The Community Flyers page allows Liberty Elementary School District No. 25 businesses and community members to share information on services and products of interest to students and their families.  Please check for page updates and new flyers for the current school year.

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To post a flyer:
Please click here to view the Liberty Elementary School District No. 25 policies and guidelines.

Disclaimer to be included on flyer:
"The Liberty Elementary School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material.  The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service."

Nonprofit organizations wishing to share information with Liberty Elementary School District parents can use the Community Flyers page to post flyers about youth programs.  The Liberty Elementary School District Governing Board authorizes the distribution of flyers from community nonprofits only if the sole intent of the flyer is to notify students and parents of youth-related programs, activities or events that aim to improve the health, education or welfare of the students.  Approval for posting does not constitute Liberty Elementary School District endorsement of the activity or the sponsoring organization.