Extended Day Staff

Here at Liberty Elementary School District we take pride in having a staff/parent relationship.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints please feel free to contact any of the staff members that are listed below.

Estrella Campus 

Primary Site Leader: Rose Dudley       

Email:  RDudley@liberty.k12.az.us  

Phone: (623) 349-3146

Site Leader: Liliana Madsen
Email: lmadsen@liberty.k12.az.us


Las Brisas Campus

Primary Site Leader: Heather Caudle 

Email: hcaudle@liberty.k12.az.us

Phone: 623-696-7371 

Site Leader:  Crystal Heustess

Email: cheustess@liberty.k12.az.us

Site Assistant:  Jaime Rogers

Email: jrogers@liberty.k12.az.us

Westar Campus

Primary Site Leader: Sarah Vargas

Email: svargas@liberty.k12.az.us

Phone: 623-633-0388

Site Leader:  Mariah Grigsby
Email: mgrigsby@liberty.k12.az.us

Site Assistant:  Danicia Acuna

Email: Dacuna@liberty.k12.az.us

District Office

Program Director: 


Phone: (623) 474-6600

 Program Support Specialist: Ruby Acuña

Email: racuna@liberty.k12.az.us

Phone: (623) 474-6623